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Tattoo Skin Care

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Tattoo Salve, Natural Tattoo Aftercare

Ora's Amazing Herbal - Tattoo Salve, Natural Tattoo Aftercare

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Tattoo Salve is a 100 % natural tattoo aftercare ointment that is better than a standard tattoo cream because herbs are Amazing! Reduce the tattoo healing process and recovery time, soothe itch on new ink, brighten older tattoos or simply moisturize. Fun fact, a salve is balm that absorbs a bit more readily.

What It Does

Formulated with ingredients used by herbalists for thousands of year for: Proudly made in the USA



  •       Speeding new ink recovery time
  • Soothing new itchy tattoos
  • Moisturizing and brightening older ink
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing risk of infection
  • Keeping harmful chemicals off your skin and body
  • Multipurpose product too
  • Made in the USA
  • How To Use:
  • To use Tattoo Salve we use a clean swab or finger to scoop out a small amount, warm between hands and massage into skin allowing a few minutes for absorption. For tattoo aftercare we follow our artists instructions. For moisturizing and brightening older tattoos, for best results, we use immediately after bath, while skin is still soft. To aid in absorption, when applying to completely dry skin on older tattoos, we add a few drops of water and blend in our hand before applying. If this is the first time using any of our ingredients on your skin, please spot test on a small area other than the tattoo before applying to a new tattoo. This salve is the same formula as our All Purpose Salve, and can be used the same way!


  • Jars come in sizes 1oz and 4 oz
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      Proteins that help restore hydration for skin that’s visibly smooth & well-supported.