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Tattoo Skin Care

Mad Rabbit New Tattoo Set- Numbing Cream & Soothing Lotion

Mad Rabbit New Tattoo Set- Numbing Cream & Soothing Lotion

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Thinking of getting a new tattoo? You need our New Tattoo Set. 45-60 minutes before your appointment, apply Numbing Cream & wrap with plastic wrap to quickly numb skin & deliver fast-acting pain relief. After your appointment, use Soothing Gel for 14 days to help with the healing process.

Numbing Cream and Soothing Lotion Set.

At 5%, the Lidocaine in our formula is going to dramatically decrease a lot of the pain associated with your new art. Long story short: it blocks the receptors in your skin responsible for sending signals to your brain that something hurts.
Ideal for new tattoo recovery
We skip petrolatum-based ingredients + mineral oils and instead focus on lightweight hydrators and anti-inflammatory soothers in this formula to allow your healing tattoo to breathe.
A combination of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients and lightweight hydrators support skin’s natural barrier to soothe irritability and promote optimal skin function: both surface and below.




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    Proteins that help restore hydration for skin that’s visibly smooth & well-supported.