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Ink Nurse

Ink Nurse Tattoo Healing Wrap Pro - 10 meters x 10 centimeters

Ink Nurse Tattoo Healing Wrap Pro - 10 meters x 10 centimeters

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Keep germs and bacteria out of your fresh tattoo by keeping it sealed and wrapped with our Ink Nurse Tattoo Wrap Pro! Breathable, light weight, waterproof, transparent and flexible. Don't worry about all the yuckiness from a fresh tattoo damaging your clothing and reduce the risk of infection by applying our 'second skin' tattoo wraps.

This product is latex-free and the glue we use is medical acrylic glue. Be gentle when applying and removing to avoid discomfort or irritation.  

Keep your tattoo clean and healthy with this sleek and simple application. Cut to fit or simply overlap your wrap. Safe to wear underneath clothing. 

Wear for up to 24hrs with the first application.
If you wish to use again, clean the tattoo and dry, before applying a fresh wrap. 
Use as long as necessary and then follow by applying Ink Nurse Remedy Cream.

10cm x 10cm x 10meters (its really long)


We ship Via Aust Post with tracking within 1-2 business days.

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