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FlexiSkin 2ND Tattoo Bandage 6 peices of 10cm x 15cm

FlexiSkin 2ND Tattoo Bandage 6 peices of 10cm x 15cm

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FlexiSkin Tattoo Bandage 10cm x 15cm (6 sheets)

FlexiSkin medical grade transparent bandage is suitable for use on new tattoos, lacerations and abrasions to protect the wounded skin from bacteria thus reducing the risk of infection.

Balms and ointments can be used, just ensure that only a thin layer is applied to the wound and not to the skin where the border of the bandage will adhere to. FlexiSkin bandages can stay on for 5-7 days however, if at any point the bandage fills up with excess blood or plasma (generally in the first 6-24 hours) we recommend changing the bandage to a new piece. Repeat after 24 hours if wound continues to weep.



1. Cut the FlexiSkin bandage to size allowing approximately 3cm excess to create a border around the tattoo or wounded area.

2. Clean on and around the area thoroughly where the bandage will be applied with a gentle soap our Soothing Foam Wash and pat dry.

3. Peel paper backing off from the centre to expose the adhesive side of the bandage.

4. Apply bandage over the area wound and apply light pressure on the film working from the centre out. Once covered, remove the clear plastic cap sheet peeling back from the perforated cut out.


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