Best things to do before and after getting a Tattoo.

Best things to do before and after getting a Tattoo.

Wow now that you have secured an appointment with your tattoo artist.


First things first get a good nights sleep. You don't want to be yawning and falling asleep in the chair. Your artist will appreciate your attentiveness especially in maneuvering around to get the best angle to tattoo. Your body is not a flat canvas.

Stay Hydrated! Start 24 hours ahead of your appointment. Your hydrated skin will take the ink better and greatly assist with the healing process. Keep drinking plenty of water 48 hours after.

Shave the area being tattooed. Make sure you don't have cuts and bruises in the area. Your artist will not tattoo on open wounds. Shower and moisturize to prepare the area for your artist. Also dress for the occasion, wear loose and easy to remove clothing. (this helps getting dressed after your session also).


Congratulations on your new tattoo.

Healing process now begins. You tattoo will be wrapped to keep it hydrated stepping out of the studio.You essentially have an open wound. Keep germs and bacteria away.Wash hands before removing the wrap. After 24 hours change the wrap and apply a soothing gel.

When showering use a fragrance free soap and water.  Reapply the gel for another 2-5 days. Keep it moist.

Tattoo can be irritating and itchy. Its like a sun burn, avoid friction and don't pick or scratch it. It is normal and will begin to be scabby. This is part of the healing process. Again do not pick at it.

Avoid direct sunlight. Don't use sunblock yet. Wear loose clothing to protect it.

Avoid the beach and swimming. Sun and water will prevent the tattoo from healing.

After 2-3 weeks scabbing will settle down. Keep hydrating the Tattoo with moisturizer and balm as often as you can.

Tattoos are meant to last forever. They tend to fade, you want them to stay vibrant and fresh for longer. Make it a habit use sunblock and balms formulated with natural ingredients for tattoos.


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